List of 29 CAU Advisories for protection against COVID-19

1. Mask- I2. Mask- II
3. Paneer Preparation4. Tomato Ketchup
5. Tomato Sauces6. Tomato Purees
7. Fermented Cabbage8. Shelf life of Vegetables
9. GMPs 10. Nursery & Rearing Pond Mang.
11. Breeding of Fishes 12. Advisory-Fall army worm
13. Dairy farmers14. Pig farmers
15. Poultry farmers16. NSKE for pest control
17. Lemon pickle in salt18. Mango Pickle in Oil
19. Mango Pickel in salt20. Cucumber Pickle
21. Nursery Bed Preparation22. Mushroom Pest
23. Arecanut Rot24. Cauliflower pickels
25. Nursery raising of cucurbits26. Horti crops
27. PP for Horti crops28. Agronomy crop cultivations
29. Agronomy crop cultivations
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