Head Office

Contact Information and Telephone numbers of Officers and staffs of CAU Headquarters, Imphal, Manipur

Vice Chancellor

Dr. M. Premjit Singh
Hon'ble Vice Chancellor,
Central Agricultural University, Imphal
Ph. 0385-2415933(O)
E-mail: vcofficecau@yahoo.in

Directors and Deputy Directors

Dr. S. Basanta Singh
Director of Instruction
Ph. 0385-2412945(O)
E-mail: di.office@yahoo.com

Dr. C.A. Srinivasamurthy
Director of Research
Ph. 0385-2410415(O)
E-mail: dorcau@gmail.com

Dr. Ratan Kumar Saha
Director of Extension Education
Ph. 0385-2413891(O)
E-mail: dee_cau@yahoo.co.in

Dr. Y Ranjana Devi
Deputy Director of Instruction
Ph. 9434028044
E-mail: yengkokpam.cau@gmail.com

Dr. Th. Robindro Singh
Deputy Director of Research
Ph. 9856083293
E-mail: robindroth2017@gmail.com

Dr. Angad Prasad
Deputy Director of Extension Education
Ph. 9089598327
E-mail: angadprasad64@rediffmail.com

Dr. Y. Bedajit Singh
Deputy Director of Instruction
Ph. 9862104430
E-mail: bedajit8@rediffmail.com

Dr. A.K. Mishra
Deputy Director of Research
Ph. 9826328767
E-mail: akm.caepht@gmail.com


Dr. K. Mamocha Singh
CAU Headquarters
Ph. 0385-2410644(O)
E-mail: mamoento@gmail.com


Sh. M.C. Jublani
Ph. 0385-2413627(O)
E-mail: comptcau@yahoo.com

Registrar and Estate Office

Dr. M. Dinachandra Singh
Deputy Registrar (Academic)
Ph. 9612334253
E-mail: dracademic.cau@gmail.com

Shri L. Basanta Singh
Deputy Registrar (Establishment)
Ph. 9436892841
E-mail: basanta.l@gov.in

Mr. Sweet Ali
Secy. to VC
Ph. 9612153681
E-mail: secyvc.cau-imp@gov.in

Shri M Lokendro Singh
Ph. 9436027089
E-mail: mlokendro29@gmail.com

Shri Victor Kumrah
Executive Engineer
Ph. 9436890315
E-mail: vkumrah@gmail.com

Shri A Arunkumar Singh
Executive Engineer
Ph. 9436237496
E-mail: akr.sanasam@gmail.com

Shri Ch Chittaranjan Singh
Assistant Engineer
Ph. 9862293394
E-mail: ch.chittaranjan@gov.in

Smt Kh. Chandramala Devi
Assistant Engineer
Ph. 9436890315
E-mail: mala_kh@rediffmail.com

Other Officials

Assistant Accountant IT Cell, CAU
M. Brojen Singh, Head Assistant (Reg. Est. Section)
E-mail: mutumbrojensingh@gmail.com
Ch. Bikram Chandra, Accountant (Comptroller)
E-mail: bikramchandra07@yahoo.co.in
S Govind Singh, System Analyst
Ph. 8787454522
E-mail: webmastercau@gmail.com
A. Chandramani Singh, Head Assistant (Reg. Acad. Section)
E-mail: hirikhonbi@gmail.com
R.P. Pandey, Accountant (Comptroller)
E-mail: rppandey07@yahoo.co.in
Kh. Saratkumar Singh (DI Section)
E-mail: khaidem2014@gmail.com
M. Rebika Devi (DR Section)
E-mail: N/A
N. Randhoni Devi (Estate Office)
E-mail: N/A
Onjamang Haokip (VC Office)
Ph. 9862978099
E-mail: omhaokip777@gmail.com
A. Diptirama Devi (Reg. Est. Section)
E-mail: N/A

Lamphelpat, Imphal West,
Imphal, Manipur-795004,
Tel: ⇨ +91-385-2410644
Fax: ⇨ +91-385-2415196
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